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The over-whelming majority of the Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) we work with share a common vision – to develop and lead a world class finance team. As many of them seek to develop and lead their finance teams, they are constrained by budget cuts & a decreasing pool of qualified talent. Yet, they face ever increasing demands to provide strategic support, intelligent business information and also manage routine accounting processes.

Greater efficiency in back-office accounting processes, greater transparency, access to highly skilled talent and scalability


Procure-to-pay Processing

Add to your bottom line by reducing vendor over-payments & data entry errors, whilst increasing efficiency and improving the vendors’ experience.



Optimise cash flow by increasing your efficiency and effectiveness in managingaccounts receivables and delinquency.



Achieve faster period closes so you have more freedom to focus on what the numbers are telling you.



Eliminate the need to maintain complex payroll software or train & recruit payroll staff.



Achieve better results and efficiency by making smarter decisions with valuable diagnostics.


Procure-to-pay Processing Strategy

Contribute to your organisation’s competitive advantage by designing strategic service delivery finance team & more insightful business intelligence.

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