3 Regular Habits That Highly Productive Business Entrepreneurs Adopt

EntrepreneurHow many times have you asked yourself why some businesses are more successful than others? Or why some successful business owners seem to earn more than others? The habits that successful business entrepreneurs adopt is often the subject of much debate or discussion. This article highlights 3 activities which most entrepreneurs regularly pay specific attention to.


Learn and Know Your Business
An essential component of any successful entrepreneur’s make-up is knowledge and expertise. They take the time to thoroughly learn their business. They know its strengths and weaknesses. They know which opportunities to exploit and which risks to avoid. They know what key activities need to be performed well and which ones to focus on. This is crucial to avoid staff “pulling the wool over your eyes” with poor productivity or delivering sub-standard quality. If you’ve just started out in business and are a “newbie” entrepreneur, increase your knowledge by learning from other entrepreneurs who may gladly share knowledge and experience. Read books about your industry, strategy, marketing, etc. Your business will thank you for it.

SuccessFocus on What You Are Good At
You’re not expected to be a master in every part of your business. Successful entrepreneurs acknowledge that from the outset. As a new or small business owner, it’s essential that you know what limitations you have and that you have plans to address them. It’s perfectly acceptable to be weak in some parts of your business. But it’s essential that you avoid the perils of ignoring them. These activities must be carried out by someone else. Employ staff who have the skills and experience in these areas and/or outsource them to a company that can provide you with the support you need. Build a team of experts under your guidance & instructions and focus on the areas that you know that you are good at.

Evaluate Your Marketing
Smart entrepreneurs, without fail, understand which marketing activities are working and which ones are delivering the most optimal results. Understanding the results that your marketing expenditure is delivering is essential to your survival. “Throwing good money after bad” by continuing to invest money on marketing campaigns that are not working is counter-productive. You must be willing to stop, modify or even replace your current marketing activities. If you’re investing more on your marketing than you’re receiving from increased sales your business may be going backwards and may not be around for long.

Adopting the right habits is essential to succeed in business. Most successful entrepreneurs didn’t leave their success to chance. They adopted the habits and disciplines of successful people who achieved success before they did. I have highlighted just 3 habits that you can follow to help you become successful. If you learn your business thoroughly, delegate some tasks and test and challenge your marketing activities you’ll give yourself a good platform to succeed. I wish you all the best.

  1. Angela Seeward 7 years ago

    Hi Mark,

    This was such a timely article for me.

    I agree with you. Multi-tasking is a complete myth. I often hear people claim that they do it but I’m inclined to advise them that it’s impossible. The human brain can only focus on 1 task at a time. IMO, quality decreases for each task or more errors are likely to happen when anyone tries to multi-task.

  2. Steven Hough 7 years ago

    I agree with your comments. I also feel that to succeed in business, you need to set and review your short and long term goals.

  3. Lisa Guzman 7 years ago

    I have significantly reduced the amount of time that I watch on pointless TV programmes and it’s made a signifcant difference. I use this extra time to exercise, relaxation, plan my following week, and have much more “me-time”.

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