Conquer Your Cash Flow With Cloud Accounting

What’s all the fuss about cloud accounting? It’s one thing to recognise that you must create solid and regular cash flows for your small business…But it’s a completely separate challenge to actually go and do it!

You wouldn’t be alone if you felt overwhelmed by the thought of tracking your sales and expenses. Or intimidated at the thought of creating a profit and loss statement!

We don’t blame you. We understand.

Have you been clumsily collating paper receipts and vouchers and staring at spreadsheets on your laptop? Taking a firm grip of your cash flow is much easier than that!

Cloud accounting saves time and money

Cloud accounting saves time and money


Cloud accounting (also called virtual accounting) is set up to help busy small business owners like you. With it, you’re empowered to easily manage your expenses and manage your sales invoices in just a few seconds.

You’ll gain insights to help you launch your business to new heights! You’ll also be paid sooner.

You won’t need a PhD in mathematics or college degree in business studies. You won’t even need to spend any time learning fancy accounting jargon or bookkeeping skills. But you’ll soon be able to keep your eye on the key numbers related to your income and expenses and ultimately your cash flow.

We’ll make it a breeze for you so you can focus on your business.

How to Track Your Cash Flow with Cloud Accounting

Say goodbye to mountains of paper receipts

Say goodbye to saving mountains of paper receipts


Want to customise your sales invoices with your brand and logo? No problem. It’s simple. You can also set up automatic reminders and statements for clients and offer credit card payments.

When you invoice via cloud accounting you’ll be able to access details at your fingertips. It’s simple to see how much you have billed and received during specific periods.

Track your Expenses with Cloud Accounting

Ditch those shoebox and Perspex folders you’ve crammed full with dog-eared receipts. It’s uber-easy to use cloud accounting to enter them as you go.

Eliminate needing to save paper copies by using your mobile phone to upload photos and digitally retaining them instead.

You’ll be able to see quickly who has paid you and where you’re spending your cash.

And the benefits don’t stop there. You’ll be able to categorise your expenses as you upload the receipts. Your accountant will love this feature!

Many small businesses incur regular fixed costs, such as rent, salaries, and more. You won’t need to manually enter these every time as cloud accounting will allow you to set up recurring payments.

You’ll even be able to connect your bank and credit card accounts to automatically export transactions to your cloud accounting.

After a while, your cloud accounting system will recognise and automatically certain transactions saving you even more time.

Create professional profit and loss statements with cloud accounting

If preparing a profit and loss statement seems frightening, here’s a little secret for you. Your cloud accounting does all the heavy work for you! It’ll automatically categorise your information into meaningful, professional looking reports.

Just select your dates and hey presto, you’ve got a report any accounting graduate would be proud of!

Become a cash flow Jedi in a jiffy!

With information at your fingertips, you’ll have an instant snapshot of your cash flow. Gone will be the days you need to guess if you’re not earning enough or spending too much.

You’ll know which clients are generating the most income. You’ll also know which clients are not worth keeping.

Successful business owners rely on more than gut instinct. They understand their cash flow and manipulate it to work for them. They embrace cloud accounting and use it to their advantage to save time and keep the tax department happy!


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