Thinking of Outsourcing Your Accounting? 7 “Must-Ask” Questions

download-259x145I’m sure that you’ve heard of the financial savings that can be achieved by outsourcing your accounts. Savings can be as much as 60% (*).

However, not all service providers are equal. Whilst the transition to outsourcing can be reasonably seamless, it does pay to do your homework before you do. As a CFO, business owner, accountant or other stakeholder, you’ll probably be looking for value for money.

At Chakra Partners, we encourage you to ask yourself the following 7 questions before committing to outsource your Accounting activities:
• How much proven track-record does the outsource accounting service provider have?
• Will the service provider allow me to contact its existing clients so you can seek testimonials?
• How well does the service provider’s capabilities match your needs?
• Will I be allocated a dedicated manager to oversee my work or will I just be passed from pillar-to-post?
• How scalable will the support be and how will my demands be met without delays?
• Are the outsourced workers good at their job? More importantly, are they good at your job?
• Will the savings be worth it and will I be able to focus on other important parts of my business?

You’re probably looking to outsource your accounting to spend your time on other key activities and to save money, not to compromise quality. It’s critical that your accounting service provider is able to maintain high standards of care and quality and even improve your existing processes.

At Chakra Partners we’re proud of what we’ve achieved. We’ve compiled this list because we’re proud of our transparency and attention to detail and want you to have confidence when you outsource your accounting to us.

(*) Savings of 60% have been evidenced by many of our clients – your results may differ.

Chakra Partners is a premium international accounting outsourcing provider with a team of highly-trained and highly competent accountants and bookkeepers.

  1. Tracey Davis 9 years ago

    I couldn’t agree more Mark. Many of my friends who own small businesses have started to outsource much of their accounting. One thing I’d like to add is that many small business owners like myself like to see fixed price fees. This offers certainty when we’re trying to reduce our accounting costs. If I was in New Zealand or Australia, I think I’d use your services!

    • Author
      Mark Gwilliam 9 years ago

      Hi Tracey – thank you. I agree that fixed pricing is the right option for many. We offer our clients a number of options to suit their needs, including fixed price, pay as you go, retainer, etc. We’ve worked with small to medium sized businesses in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Fiji. We also work with Australian & New Zealand Chartered Accounting firms.

  2. Samantha 8 years ago

    I agree that outsourcing book-keeping to some-one who knows what they’re doing is a great way to save money and focus on other things. My father is a small-business owner and is managing his own book-keeping but I will ask him to contact you guys rather than him handle all on his own.

    • Author
      Mark Gwilliam 8 years ago

      Thanks Samantha. We’d be delighted to discuss how we could help your father.

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