6 Success Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

GoetheBecoming a successful entrepreneur requires vision, hard work, perseverance and much more. Here are 6 tips to help you navigate your own destiny more easily.

Persistence and determination are the essential ingredients of many success stories. If you’re disheartened or something isn’t going well, don’t give up. Keep pushing and believing in your vision and in yourself and you will succeed. Steve Jobs once said “I am convinced that 50% of what distinguishes successful entrepreneurs from those that aren’t is due to perseverance”.

“Never, never, never give in!” – Winston S. Churchill

Prioritise what’s most important to you. When you acknowledge this, you’ll know what activities to focus your time on. Eliminate as many distractions as you can or say no to them and say yes to activities that keep you focused on your goals and will help you achieve the success you deserve.

“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Focus on Your Strengths
You probably already know what strengths you have already. If you don’t begin to evaluate them now – ask friends and family if necessary. Your strengths will help separate you from the pack. They’ll enable you to set clear goals and provide you with a clear path and strategy towards your success.

“Winners Evaluate Themselves In A Positive Manner And Look For Their Strengths As They Work To Overcome Weaknesses.” – Zig Ziglar,

The choices and decisions you make ultimately influence how successful you’ll be. If something needs to be done, you need to assume the responsibility and accountability to ensure that it’s done. If you delegate to others, seek their commitment too.

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes… but no plans.” – Peter Drucker

Be Decisive.
Procrastinating often leads to missed opportunities. Don’t. When you need to make an important decision, make it. By all means, research, evaluate, analyse and plan but be decisive. Don’t be scared to fail. You won’t always win, but don’t become paralysed by fear and scared of making decisions. Don’t be afraid to fail.

“You may delay, but time will not.” – Benjamin Franklin

You’re never too old to learn. Even the very successful entrepreneurs know that they can continue to learn. Keep an open mind and seek more knowledge and experience to continue your path to success.

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” – Leonardo da Vinci

As with most businesses, the best way to begin is to focus on the essentials. Incorporate these principles and discover how they can make a huge difference. This is not an extensive list and simply provides a starting point. I’d be delighted if you’d share what tips you’ve found particularly useful in both your business and personal life in the comments section.

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  1. Sonia Wilson 8 years ago

    Wonderful inspiration, thank you. One of my favourite inspirational quotes was written by Christopher Columbus who said that you can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

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